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SSH (Secure SHell) is a protocol for providing secure, encrypted connections between client and server, distinct from SSL

This shows the details of the Security keys being used for Secure Shell.

NOTE that you should set a random, un-guessable password for the user - if the key pair doesn't match, then FileCOPA (in line with usual practice for SFTP servers) will fall back to asking for a password. If no password has been set then it would allow anyone to log in as this user. In this scenario, the password will never be used, so make it as long and random as possible.

SFTP For (details see below) is a secure protocol built on top of SSH

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Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) is completely separate from other, older secure FTP protocols - it was built afresh, from the bottom up. It creates an FTP connection over SSH (Secure Shell).

SFTP allows secure connections between client and server, protecting both control and data connections. In FileCOPA it is only necessary to enable a SFTP server on the Servers page. Otherwise, everything is handled by the FTP client (which must of course support SFTP).

Because SFTP is not the same protocol as FTP some features available with FTP are not available with SFTP (sending messages on events for example). 

SFTP does not need a certificate like SSL