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This real-time monitoring panel shows which users are connected, their last command to the server, and details of any ongoing file transfers.

The columns displayed may be added and removed, using the Customise option from the column headers context menu (right-click). The following items may be displayed:

Connect - the time this connection was established

Last Update - the time the last action was performed by the client, eg change directory, list, request a download

Username - the username used by this connection. NOTE that multiple connections are possible using one username, even from the same client machine.

IP Address - the IP Address of the machine which established this connection.

Protocol - the protocol used for this connection, eg unsecured FTP, FTPS, SFTP.

Last Command - the last command received from the client.

Last Result - the last response to this command from FileCOPA.

Filename - the name of the file currently being uploaded or downloaded (if any).

Progress - the progress in percent of the current upload or download (if any).

Speed - the speed of the current transfer (if any).