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Watch our video and see how easy it is to install the FileCOPA FTP Server and configure it for FTP, SFTP and SSL (FTPS) connectivity


The nice people at FindMySoft created this quick video for us and also did a great review of FileCOPA.

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FileCOPA FTP/SFTP Server for Windows

FileCOPA is a fully featured PCI Compliant FTP Server with SSH (SFTP), SSL, TLS support and selectable ciphers for Windows.

The FileCOPA FTP Server installs on any version of the Microsoft Windows operating system with just a few clicks of the mouse and automatically configures itself for anonymous operation.

  • Full IPv6 Support
  • PCI Compliant
  • For Home or Business use
  • Unlimited Users
  • Autheticate with Windows Users
  • Selectable Encryption Ciphers
  • Reporting and Statistics System
  • Security System
  • Built in web base FTP client


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Just $49.95 for ALL features - FTP/SFTP/FTPS/HTTP/HTTPS/TFTP!

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FileCOPA does not limit the number of connections and you can configure an unlimited number of users. InterVations will not charge you more as your business grows, $49.95 buys you the full, unlimited system including the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and SFTP support, normally only available on more expensive "Pro" versions of FTP Server Software.

By running as a system service FileCOPA will always be running, even if no physical user is logged in on your machine.  This adds to your system security.

With FileCOPA's active control panel, you can even see who is online, and what they are doing, and as FileCOPA will produce W3C, industry standard log Files you can analyse your logs with any commercially available log file tools. 

The FileCOPA Secure FTP Server with SSL support is ideal for business users who require a powerful and flexible FTP Server.  FileCOPA has a user-friendly interface making managing an FTP server very easy. The FileCOPA FTP Server can also be configured to be fully PCI Compliant.

FileCOPA V4 introduced reporting and graphing statistics allowing you to analyze who is using your FTP site and popular file uploads and downloads. 

FileCOPA V5 introduced improved SSL and SSH handling allowing self signed certificates, certificates from the Windows Certificate Store and selectable ciphers

FileCOPA V6 introduces SSH Public Key authentication, adds more SSL and SSH ciphers, support for .pfx file certificates, TLS1.1 and TLS1.2 support and the ability to import and export the user database.

V7 of FileCOPA adds modular servers allowing you to run servers on different ports, adds a fully blown HTTP/HTTPS server and support for IPv6

V8 of FileCOPA adds improved logging, support for FTP extensions MLSD and MLST, a WebDAV server, support for IETF format public SSH keys and a FileCOPA Command Server for automating user addition and deletion.

FileCOPA V9 adds a web based FTP client using the WebFTP Server so your customers can upload and download files through a familiar web based interface. The FileCOPA Command Server has also been extended to allow scripts to block IP addresses.

V10 adds support for SSL certificate chains, customisation of the WebFTP logo image, an enhanced anti-hammering feature and an event to add data to an ODBC database

Click the Secure Online Registration button on the registration screen of the installed product to register and purchase FileCOPA.

You can experience the PCI Compliant FileCOPA secure FTP Server with SSL (Secure Socket Layer), SFTP, HTTP, HTTPS and TFTP for yourself right now.  InterVations is so confident you will be happy with FileCOPA we are giving it to you, fully functional and with full support for 30 days.  The only limitation is a 10 second loading delay on the controller to remind you how many days you have left in your trial period.

FileCOPA is fully compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2008/2008 R2, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 2012 and Windows 10.