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Testimonials and Recommendations for the FileCOPA FTP Server from our users.

William Cirino said:

We use this product with our Digium PBX switch, and we tested many FTP server software packages and cost was not a factor in picking the package, we were looking for a server package that supported all commands (especially the Allo) and not generate any errors on the PBX FTP recording transfers, yours was the only one that did not generate any errors of unsupported commands and worked flawlessly, this allowed us to eliminated the middle man and the finger pointing when it came to debugging errors on ftp recording file transfers problems.

Thank you and keep up the good work.

William Cirino
Director of IT
Acorn Stairlifts Inc.

Brent Potvin said:

The FileCOPA support team for the FTP server product is the very best software support group I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with.  In the world of end user software we have grown accustomed over the years to distant support personnel that are not really very good at what we need as end-users.  In my experience it is very rare to deal with a technology support group that will genuinely engage with you on any issue you encounter, and stick with you until a solution is achieved.

I have dealt with the FileCOPA folks a number of times now since I purchased their FTP product ~ a year ago, and I they have ALWAYS exceeded my expectations.  I am very pleased to say that they have handled every issue I have communicated to them in a consistent and effective manner.  They engage with you quickly, and they stick with you on every bit of feedback you provide until the problem is totally solved.  This, is rare, and very much appreciated.

My hat is off to the FileCOPA software support group.  I would recommend this product to anyone because it is a pretty good product to begin with, and because their support of it is simply the best it can be.

Thankyou very much.  Brent Potvin

Ben Levy said:

After evaluating many competing products, I found that the best solution was also the cheapest solution! FileCOPA offered all the features we were looking for. It is extremely easy to use and configure. It is a very effective solution at a price that can't be beat. To top it all off, the customer service is second to none! 

Ben Levy
Director of Technology
Psychological Software Solutions

Jeremy Graham-Cumming said:

What a great product! I have implemented FileCOPA onto our Windows 2003 server without ANY problems. Works smoothly and was really quick to set up. 

FTPS and SFTP support seems flawless. 

Great job

Leo Flerlage said:

I would like to say this software is probably one of the best software packages that I've worked with.

Leo Flerlage.
Sr. Systems Engineer
Full Service Networking