Secure FTP Server/SFTP Server

18 Route 6A, Sandwich, MA 02563 USA

70 Bridle Close, Paignton, Devon, TQ4 7ST UK

FileCOPA FTP/SFTP Server Screenshots

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The FileCOPA FTP Server Software General Configuration Screen

General configuration of your server is made here

Configuring the FTP ports.

FTP usually runs on port 21.  You can configure a custom port on this screen, but some software will not be able to connect to you if you do.

FileCOPA FTP Server Software General Configuration Screen

FileCOPA Port Configuration Screen

The User overview screen.  See below for user configuration screens.

This screen provides you with a list of all the users you have configured on your system.

Configuring the SSL certificate

The FileCOPA FTP Server Software provides a Generate CSR Button to make this process as simple as possible

FileCOPA User Configuration Screen

FileCOPA FTP Server Software SSL Configuration Screen

The live WHO screen.

Shows you who is currently connected to your Server, and what they are doing.

Access your Server Log Files

FileCOPA Live Who Screen

FileCOPA FTP Server Software Log Browser Screen

FileCOPA's Security System

The global events system

Security screenshot

events screenshot

Reports and statistics

Available for display or printing.

Example of files by download graph

FileCOPA Reports Screenshot

FileCOPA Files by download graph screenshot

The user configuration screen.

Users can be temporarily disabled and passwords can be changed from this screen.

Configure limitations for each user

Each user can have different limits.

FileCOPA FTP Server General User Configuration Screen

FileCOPA User Limitations Screen

Directory (Folder) access rights for each user.

Right can be configured for each folder in the users directory tree.

User statistics

Statistics are logged for the users activities on your server.

FileCOPA FTP Server Software User Access Configuration Screen

FileCOPA User Statistics Screen

User events"

over-ride the global events system with the user-events

User Expiry System

Force a users record to expire after a period of time

user events screenshot

user expiry screenshot

User SSH Public Key Configuration

Allows users to connect to the SFTP server with an SSH public key

user public key screenshot