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Can I show a welcome message to users connecting to my FTP Server?

This question requires a two pronged answer.  You can send your users a welcome message, but there is nothing you can do to guarantee it is displayed.  Many FTP clients do not display welcome messages, or only display them within the clients log, which is often too technical for users to notice.  Remember there are literally thousands of different FTP clients that could be connecting to you, some will be displaying the message and some won't so don't assume it will be seen by your users.

In order to send a welcome message go to your Events panel on the FileCOPA FTP Server control panel.  Select the OnLogin event, on the Message tab select Send message when this event is fired and enter your message.

This will send your message when any user logs on.  If you want to send a different message to a specific user then use the Events panel within the User configuration screen. User events will over-ride the global event.

Welcome message