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Will The FileCOPA FTP Server run on Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 2008 R2/Windows 2012/Windows 10?

Yes, the FileCOPA FTP Server V2.02 and newer are fully compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7. Versions 7.01 and newer are fully compatible with Windows 2008 R2, Windows 8 and Windows 2012 and Versions 9.01 and newer are compatible with Windows 10.

If you have upgraded from a previous version of Windows to the Windows Vista software then you may need to set permissions on the FileCOPA data folder.  Open the program data folder and browse down through InterVations.  Locate the FileCOPA folder.  Make sure that you have set full control for everyone on this page.  See below for an example.

Windows Vista File Permissions

Without this setting FileCOPA may appear to work, but any changes made in the FileCOPA controller may not be picked up by the server module.  This is because of new security features introduced in Windows Vista by Microsoft.  If you have installed a fresh copy of Windows Vista and a fresh install of FileCOPA then you will not have to do this as the FileCOPA installer will make these changes for you.