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How can I configure users with folders on a network share?

The FileCOPA FTP Server runs as a system service.  By default in Windows system services do not have the security privileges to access network resources.

To get over this problem you need to create a user with administrative rights that the system service can run under.

Go to the Windows Control Panel and select User Accounts.  Create a new user, with administrative rights, and make sure you give it a password.

Now go to the Windows Control Panel and select Administrative Tools.  Open Services.  Look down the list of services for the FileCOPA FTP Server.  Right click on the entry and select properties.  Click the Log On Tab and select the "This account" option.  Enter the username and password you just created above.  Press OK.

At this point you need to restart your machine.

After your machine is restarted and FileCOPA is running you should be able to access your network shares with UNC paths.