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What's New in V 10.01
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Added support for SSL certificate chains.

WebFTP Server & WebFTP Secure Server(HTTPS):

The logo can now be changed.

Added option to get an independent link to a file

A file can now be double clicked to start the download.

FTP/FTPS/SFTP Server - A new anti-hammering feature added on security page.

Added button on Users screen to enable the password to be shown

Added field on General Page to set the subject line of the new update available email

Added new event merge field <<FILEDIR>> returns the same as <<FILEPATH>> but without the filename

Limited File upload types on the main Security page can now be over-ridden on the User's Limits page.

Added a new report to show the date time a user last connected.

Added option to add date to beginning of custom log filename (generated from events), and to delete old custom logs (must have date in filename).

Added security option to only enable the server during certain hours of the day.

Added Directory Access option to Users' Limits to hide a directory.

Added an event function to add data to an SQL database via an ODBC connector.