User Events

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User Events
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Various events can trigger actions (such as playing a sound or sending an email message to warn you of a connection), which will be specific for this user, as opposed to Global Events, which occur for all users.

Not all events can trigger every type of action because of practical constraints, eg on initial connection before login has been established, as this would break the ftp protocol.

Where an action is configured for a Global Event and a User Event, the action configured for the User Event will override any Global Event.

The Event On Failed Login is best used here, rather than as a Global Event.

User Events work in exactly the same way as Global Events.

Certain events also have an additional option, not shown in the screenshots below:


This enables you to add data to an SQL database via an ODBC connector.  It is thus possible to track activity in more detail, by extracting information from the database. Any properly configured ODBC connector on the server machine can be used.

Ensure the SQL command conforms to your server's specification and values are quoted as needed.  For example:

INSERT INTO FileCOPA (Details,EventDate) VALUES("User <<USERNAME>> Logged on","<<DATE>>  <<TIME>>");

Note that because FileCOPA is a 32 bit application the ODBC connector needs to be configured in the Windows 32 bit ODBC Data Source Administrator.  If you are running a 32 bit version of windows then this is as normal, but if you are running a 64 bit version of windows you need to start the Administrator manually, you can't open it from the Control Panel.

Run the command c:\windows\sysWOW64\odbcad32.exe.

Also, because FileCOPA runs as a system service you need to configure the connection in the System DSN not the User DSN.


Events - Send a Message


Events - Send an email message

NOTE that the server specified on the General Tab will be used to send any email messages configured here.



Events - Run an Application (Command)


Events - Play a Sound


Events - Send a Text File

The text file specified will be sent to the FTP client - NOTE that it may not be seen if a browser is used.

NOTE that this file must be in the current working directory.


Events - Add Line to Custom Log File