File Integrity

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You may already be familiar with Microsoft's Error Dialog, which pops up if a program causes an error. This will report the technical details to Microsoft, so that the cause can be found, and a fix included in future Windows updates.
Although errors in FileCOPA have been largely eliminated during testing, these may still occur in unusual circumstances - with the wide variety of configuration options and ways in which FileCOPA can be used we are unable to reproduce every possible combination of circumstances.
When errors do occur, these can be very difficult to pin down from customer reports alone, as these cannot possibly include all of the technical information required, so FileCOPA now has its own debugger built-in.
Should you see the Error Dialog, which is similar in appearance to Microsoft's, we would be very grateful if you would allow it to send the error report. It will help us to maintain FileCOPA as a high quality product.
Whether or not you send the error report, afterwards FileCOPA will probably close and you will need to restart it. We are sorry about this, but it is rarely possible to recover after errors. Any information you send will be helpful to us in eliminating this error.